Saturday, 12 October 2013

Singapore Break, Day 1

Ok, so here comes a recap of what we've done in Singapore, through some photos.
The first day we hung about at home, and went to IKEA to have meatballs, play in Småland (although Lucas wasn't allowed in, he is now too tall! *Sniff* My big boy!) and do some shopping.

Later that day, the kids enjoyed a swim in the pool at their condo. Such a luxury to have a big pool just in the garden at the bottom of the elevator! So easy to just get changed, go down for a bit of a swim, and go back up again. No need for a big expedition, long drive or anything.

Once Matt had come home from work and all the kids had been washed and fed - Misuzu and I enjoyed some late night shopping all on our own, at Parkway Parade. A shopping mall I know pretty well since it's just across the road from the crew hotel. Always easier to be time efficient when you know how to navigate the shops!

And that was our day 1.

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