Sunday, 27 October 2013

2013 Party in Pink™

October is well cemented all over the world as the month to raise money towards research to prevent breast cancer, so even here in Brunei.
Three years ago Zumba Fitness launched their Party in Pink™ charity campaign in the fight against breast cancer and last year Susan's Fitness Studio organized the biggest Zumba® charity event to date here. We had a three hour long Party in Pink™ Zumbathon®, with nearly 1000 tickets sold!

Today we wanted to repeat the success, but the event didn't get as big this year, we only had about 300 people joining in this morning. There had been other Party in Pink™ Zumbathons® organized by other instructors throughout the month already; plus it was also a busy fitness day here in Brunei, with a big "Ballbreaker" hash event (20k!) going on, and a running race.
All us instructors were wearing this years PIP t-shirt, in white. Here's Leigh, the newest addition to our Studio, and myself before we started:

Even though it wasn't as big as last year, it's quite impressive as an instructor to look out over this sea of people all dressed in pink, and lead such a big crowd through their workout! We had a great time! Love Zumba!

I only did one track today, one of my new MJ tracks. I still managed to get caught on camera!

And after the Zumba, the never-ending photo session started, almost as long as the Zumba session! Camera flashes everywhere and people who call you over to have their photos taken with you, it's like being on the red carpet! Ha ha!


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