Monday, 14 October 2013

Singapore Break, Day 3

Our Saturday was a slightly more quiet day. We had a slow start thanks to our late finish on Friday night, and while the big boys watched cycling on TV, Misuzu and I took the kids and went down to the pool for a swim.
Unfortunately it got cut short as Luca wasn't feeling very well, and Oliver was really tired. They ended up back upstairs with their Mummy, while the rest of us had lunch by the pool.

Even after a long nap, the boys still weren't really up for any more excursions that day, so we went into town all by ourselves. We had promised Lucas to go to Tony Romas, and them both to go back to Toys R'Us, for them to spend some of their pocket money.
We wanted to avoid Orchard Road, so we decided to go to the Suntec City Mall, since both Toys R'Us and Tony Romas are there. But of course what we didn't know, was that the Toys R'Us there was currently closed for renovations, *duh*. So we then had to take another taxi, and go up to the one on Orchard Road anyway...
Well, all well that ends well - they got to buy their toys, we got our ribs in the end; and it was sure worth all the extra traveling around! Yum yum yummy ribs!

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