Monday, 14 October 2013

Singapore Break, Day 2

Nathan arrived quite delayed from Brunei Thursday night. Even though we stayed up late to all catch up, we had to get up early the next day. We had big plans for the Friday!
Firstly, the Watsons (+Luca) took on Orchard Road. We started all the way up the top from the Tanglin Mall, and the bike shop - and worked our way down, via Toys R'Us to Takashimaya where we met up with the others. We had a bag that needed to be dropped off at the Tumi store to get fixed, and I needed to get a few books from the huge bookstore there, and by then it was already lunch time!

I wanted Nathan to experience 'Marché', the Swiss restaurant Misuzu took the kids and I to last year. He sure wasn't disappointed, we shared an "Oktoberfest Special" - 1/2 a kg of pork knuckle, 4 German sausages, mashed potato, sauerkraut and 1 liter of beer! Mmm!
We were also really lucky to get a table just by the little play area, so it was the perfect setting for a very enjoyable meal. Linnea and her Mini-me:

Lucas and his two Mini-me!

I just love this place! The way they are presenting their food, the way you can walk around and browse, the way you order it and the way it gets cooked for you. The whole setting is so colourful and appetizing, you want to eat it ALL! We stayed for quite a while, the kids were perfectly happy playing after they had finished their lunch, and we could enjoy our beer, coffee and dessert in peace!

After lunch, the dads took the boys and went to Clarke Quay while us girls did a little bit more shopping down the lower end of Orchard Road. We covered Smiggle (very important!), H&M (also very important) and a few other places I had missed rushing to get to lunch on time..! :)
I finally found myself not one, but two, perfectly sized (one bigger and one smaller) handbags in just the perfect blue shade and soft, suede material. I was looking all over Scotland and Scandinavia for a blue handbag this summer, so I was really happy when I found the perfect bag(s) now.

We met up with the others again at 'Cuba Libre' at Clarke Quay, to try their Mojitos. There was an Oktoberfest going on there too, so there was lots and lots of people. Although I've never been to Clarke Quay before, I guess there is always a lot of people there?



The day wasn't finished yet!
From Clarke Quay we went out to do the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo! This is something I've been wanting to do with the kids for a while, but something has always got in the way. This time nothing did, yay, we made it there - although I don't have any photos to prove it, cause it was all too dark obviously...
Ashley sure was dressed the part to go to the Zoo!

We took the 40 minute Night Tram ride around the park, and saw most of the animals. It's built up so that you cover seven of the world's geographical regions, all from the Indian Subcontinent to the Asian Riverine Forest. We also watched their show "Creatures of the night", with hyenas, wolves, racoons and many more animals performing; and finally we caught the "Thumbuakar" performance, three guys doing amazing fire-eating stunts. It was already 11pm before the taxi came and got us again... Guess if we had some tired kids by then..!

What a big day!

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