Monday, 21 October 2013

A happy 8 year old

I have just put a very happy newly 8 year old to bed. It seems like it's nearly as difficult to settle and go to sleep after a birthday as it was before one..!

I do sympathize though, as her day kind of went by really fast compared to previous years.
It was a long day at school already. Since she had swimming after school and Lucas touch rugby, I didn't pick them up until 4pm.
On the way home we had to do a few jobs - so we weren't home until just before 5pm. Meanwhile, both Grandma and Mormor had been texting to book in some Skype time to wish Happy Birthday, and at 5.30 we had asked the neighbourhood kids to come over for pizza (by Linnea's wish) and cake, to get some birthday feeling today on the day too!

Lucky there was time to unpack a few of her presents and play with them with her friends, but it's also good in a way that there is still new things to unpack and discover for a few afternoons yet!
Playing Monster High, and building Lego together:

Playing Elastics, or "Hoppa twist" as we used to call it in Sweden. A blast from the past for me!

Of course we had to have another cake as you need to blow out candles ON your birthday too! This time we enjoyed an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, which was really yummy. I think everybody had seconds... and even thirds!


A display of most of the presents, what a lucky girl! She's been well and truly celebrated!

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