Sunday, 27 October 2013

Linnea's 3rd Swim Meet

Today it was time again for another Brunei Swimming Championship for the 7-9 years. Linnea took part in this for the first time exactly a year ago, and then one more time back in May.

Again it was colliding with the Kids Halloween Hash so she got the choice which one to go to out of the two and she said she wanted to swim. (It's an invitational competition, and their swim teacher chooses who will get the chance to go.)

Anyhow, when we arrived there today she had (another) total meltdown and didn't want to swim at all. We had tears for all of the warm-up, well, that she didn't participate in... In the end it was by pure peer pressure by her friends she finally went and sat with the rest of the JIS team to get briefed, got her cap on, and got in line for her first race.
We agreed that she would at least do one race, and then we could discuss further whether we should go home or not.

After about half an hour she was like a different child, chatting and playing with her friends and she ended up doing all four races she was signed up for without any further complaints.



She didn't win any medals (this time either) but she bettered 3/4 of her times, which is the main thing. Well today, the biggest thing was actually that she DID swim at all after all that palaver..!

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