Monday, 14 October 2013

Singapore Break, Day 4

Nathan had to get back to work, so he left on the midday flight Sunday, while the rest of us took off to visit the Gardens by the Bay.
Again, this is something else I've been wanting to do since they opened little over a year ago, but I wasn't sure if the kids would enjoy it or not. Matt and Misuzu have been a few times, and since they assured me they would, we thought it would be a good morning excursion.

We started out by taking the Audio Tour around the whole area to get a good overview of all the different gardens. It really gave you a good look around, and even though it was just a drive-by, I was totally in awe. These gardens are a brilliant kaleidoscope of exotic plants from around the world that whisks you away from the hustle and bustle that is Singapore. There is so much to see and discover here. I wish my Mum would have been with us, she would've loved it!


We had good views of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which is just next to the gardens. Such a fascinating building, staying there and experiencing it all close-up is on my list for any future Singapore trips.

If you walk through these parts of the Gardens, it's free! You only pay admission to get into the conservatories and onto the OCBC walkway.

The Heritage Gardens is a collection of four themed gardens that will take you through the history  and culture of Singapore’s three main ethnic groups and colonial past: the Malay Garden, the Indian Garden, the Chinese Garden and the Colonial Garden.

Below you see some photos I snapped driving through the Supertree Grove.
These unique "trees" soar up to 16-storeys high. If you want you can get spectacular views from the OCBC Skyway, a 128 meter long walkway 22 meters about the ground that connects two of the Supertrees. The "trees" are actually vertical gardens, close to 163,000 plants; more than 200 species and varieties of orchids, ferns and tropical flowering climbers; are planted on the trunks of these Supertrees.  They also have panels that harvest solar energy, enough to light them up at night!

In the evening the Supertrees come alive with a display of changing lights, it's really pretty and many times while passing in taxis, have we been admiring them from afar. Next time I definitely want to come to the Gardens by the Bay at night, to experience them! Then I'll do the walkway too!

Self portrait in one of the aquariums:

The Koi pond:

Fruits and flowers display in the World of Plants Garden:


The Gardens are full of different sculptures and other decorations too. Lots to look at, such an amazing and gigantic project!

It was very, very hot, so we decided not to walk about outside any more after the tram ride, but to go and visit one of the cooled conservatories, the Cloud Forest. In here you got to explore the highlands, amidst hundreds and hundreds of orchids, pitcher plants and ferns - and we got to admire the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, 10 stories high!


The Cloud Forest Dome showcases plant life from tropical highlands up to 2,000 meters above sea level. You get to go up to the top via a lift and then you walk down all along the aerial walkways, and can look at the mountain and the flowers from every angle.

 There was even a little model railway Mum!

The waterfall, from the inside of the "mountain", very high up:

With a view to the Singapore Flyer:

Along the walkways:

A little expo about the importance of clean water, down in the Gallery, where the kids got to fold origami flowers and birds to add to the expo.

Gardens by the Bay tries to educate as well as enthrall. At the end of the walk inside the Cloud Forest, thanks to a short movie called "+5 Degrees" we were given a visual sobering insight into the huge changes that climate change will bring about.
It was rather sad and depressing seeing the evolution of the problems we are likely to face due to climate change and habitat loss, and the effects a temperature increase will have, in only a few decades.

After all that walking about we were all hungry, and we had promised the kids to go to McDonald's for lunch. Vivo City was nice and close for that, and after lunch Matt took the four bigger kids home, and Misuzu and I were left with only Ashley to go and have a look in the shops there! (Yes, I still had things to shop for! That's what happens when you only do your shopping in 2 hour stints!)
Always time for a coffee-and-cuddle break though!

Once we came back to the condo, some friends of the Roses had invited them down to the pool area for a BBQ, so we took the kids with us and went down. They could have a swim and we all had dinner outside by the pool. Nice!
Another full on day with lots of fabulous memories created!

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