Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Alpha Male to Alpha Papa

Book Week is upon us, and visiting author in Prep School is Nick Arnold - the author of the popular "Horrible Science" series. Lucas and Linnea got to buy a few of his books each the other day of course, and got them signed by the author Nick Arnold during their class sessions with him at school. His books are actually rather fascinating for adults too, full of interesting facts. Certainly written mainly for kids though - it's science with all the squishy bits left in!
On Friday all the kids in Prep School are invited to come dressed as crazy scientists to school. I have lab coats sorted, we just need to "adorn" them tomorrow - and then sort out the crazy hair on Friday morning!

So while the kids have been raving about Nick Arnold, I've been looking forward to tonight, and the literary evening offered aimed at parents and staff.
Anna and I went along last year, and met Sri Lankan author Ashok Ferrey. That was a truly special evening, and I was looking forward to another enjoyable one tonight.
Tonight's evening was called 'Alpha Male to Alpha Papa', and started out with some nibbles and mocktails in the foyer of the Arts Center. Always a nice venue:

It was really busy this year, at least twice as many people as last year. I'm glad this is becoming a tradition, and I'm even more glad people are taking the opportunity to take part when there is something this special going on. We are certainly not spoiled with entertainment here in Brunei.

Some of the older students were in charge of the refreshments, and I must say they had really gone all in when it came to the scientific theme! Really cool!

We got to drink our mocktails out of laboratory glass beakers, here's Nicky and Cécile:

Anna, and one of the librarians, Angela:

We got to listen to two interesting speakers. First Sam Kean, an American author who told us stories from his two books "The Disappearing Spoon" and "The Violinist's Thumb". He managed to make science entertaining, even to me, when he explained how human history is entwined in the story of the elements and DNA.

Secondly we heard from Simon Greenall, who is a British actor who is currently in the new Alan Partridge movie 'Alpha Papa'. He also does a range of voices for children's TV including the 'Mr Men', and Captain Barnacles in the popular 'Octonauts' show; and he is the voice of Aleksandr Orlov, the meerkat in several advertisements on British TV.

He's out here to talk to the little kids in Pre Prep (Nursery - Year 2).
He was talking to us about his life in show business and was very entertaining indeed. Lots of laughs there! A great night all around.

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