Monday, 15 October 2012

A Sri Lankan evening

Anna asked me the other day if I was keen on joining her at school today, to attend this 'Sri Lankan Evening'. A literary evening in conjunction with 'Book Week' centered around the visiting author for the older students, Ashok Ferrey.
I had got the email about this and hadn't really planned to go, but when Anna asked "Why not?" I though to myself - yeah... why not!

It was all held over in the newly built part of the school which only got finished this year. First we got to mingle and have Sri Lankan tea - and pick up our complimentary book by Mr Ferrey. Here I am with one of the school librarians, my friend Angela:

When the guest of honour arrived he received a traditional Sri Lankan welcome by some of the Sri Lankan children:

The JIS Sri Lankan community provided little nibbles and delicious snacks through out this first part of the evening, and made the whole event into quite a cultural trip for us all. Here Mr Ferrey is lightning the oil lamp:

(I'm sorry the pics are a bit dark and blurry, they are all taken just with my iPhone since I forgot the camera.)

This was the first location where he did a short reading for us:

Then we got to move around the facilities for more readings, and we also got treated to a traditional Sri Lankan tea picking (?) dance, by the waterfall:

Our third location for the last reading, was up on the grass roof!
How cool is that, our school has a grass roof top! We all got to kick our shoes off and sit down in the soft grass, and enjoy the last story. How special!

Finally, the Sri Lankan community had provided a huge curry feast. After all the tasty nibbles I wasn't that hungry anymore, but I had to try small pieces of everything anyway as it looked and smelled so good!

Of course we also had our books signed by the author himself, Mr Ferrey:

I liked one particular of the readings so much that I ended up buying that book too!
What a nice evening, I'm so very glad I came along!
I wish more people made efforts in joining in on all this wonderful things that actually are happening in Brunei!

Now I'm looking forward to starting to read my new books!

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