Monday, 22 October 2012

Linnea's 7th Birthday morning

As per tradition we woke Linnea up with beautiful singing and all her presents in bed. Thanks to the late celebrations, and also the birthday party itself of course, of the day before - she was actually still asleep at 06.30 when we came in!

She got so many lovely presents, and she was very happy about all of them. Amongst other things there was a new tell-the-time watch, a silver charm bracelet, Smiggles stuff, Barbie clothes, alphabet beads, handkerchieves, Lego, Sketcher shoes, a nail dryer and a Baby Alive.

On our way down for breakfast, she found yet another present on the stairs - a new bike helmet..?

Oaw!! A new bike!!
Linnea has been due a bigger bike for a while, but it proved a bit tricky trying to find one the right size (that Nathan would approve..!), so she ended up with the same one as Lucas, just smaller. She was very happy, cause it's a cool mountain bike!

Of course we had to get it outside to test drive it straight away!

She then proceeded to open the all the presents from her little friends. There had been no time at the party, plus I always prefer to do it a bit more in peace - so that every gift can be appreciated properly. She got so much cool stuff!

One happy Birthday Girl!

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