Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The power in our hands

Brunei has recently changed over the payment system for the electrical power, for every house and building. Whereas there used to be a bill at the end of the month, we are now (back to!) paying our power in advance, boo.
It's pretty annoying, since now we're back to either have to buy the scratch cards with the pin number to text to the Electricity Central, to get the voucher code to tap into the box - or buy that pin number online (which is pretty unreliable and hasn't worked smoothly the last few times...). And of course, regularly have to keep an eye on how many units you have left!

They installed our box just before the summer, and it has taken us quite a while to figure out the best way of doing it.
Apparently there are a few tricks to it, one is to try and fill it up as much as you can as early in the month as you can; another is to run it down to as low as possible before you top it up.

The other day I did well though, this is how low it was when I topped it up!


Fl Ar said...

Hi there,
The electric tariff for Brunei has changed since 2012. You can check it out at http://www.des.gov.bn/
An example is if last year you pay $58/mth, this year that same usage would cost $30. But once you exceed this amount, the cost goes up.
So if u top up the 2nd time in the same month, the units is worth less. Abt 1/3 value.
Hope this explains your electric prepaid purchase.


MrsW said...

Thank you Farah!
Yes, that's what we have figured out too, that you get less units for the same amount of power the 2nd charge-up. Now I know why! Thanks.