Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Tonight was the Halloween Hash. We were at the same site 3 years ago for Halloween too, Tungku Beach. I remembered from last time I wasn't all that keen on walking around in the total darkness with only a flash light to lead me, so I decided not to go in tonight but stayed by the tent instead.

As per tradition, the hash didn't start until it was already dark, and the hashers got sent in on the trail in groups of 2 or 3, with a few minutes apart. Along the trail they got spooked and scared several times by quite a large "Scare Crew". Not just the hares, but a bunch of their friends too, had dressed up and made a huge effort in making the hash as spooky as possible!
I didn't regret not going though, getting spooked is so not my thing!

As usual a lot of the hens had also made a huge effort in dressing up for the on-on and we had pumpkin lights and glow sticks in the tent, while we enjoyed a scrummy Halloween dinner, mmm!

A rather pleasant Halloween Evening, I must say!

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