Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

One holiday that I'm not so keen on, but still celebrate for the kids, is Halloween.
I don't mind decorating the house in autumn colours, with pumpkins and even a token spider or ghost here and there. I don't really mind either organizing their costumes since we dress up a lot in this country!
I do draw the line though at taking them trick-or-treating, which would be really time consuming here where you have to drive everywhere... Instead the past few years we've been to some great Halloween parties at the Yacht Club - unfortunately this years party was cancelled for reasons I don't know.

Then it's lucky to have a Canadian friend, who take Halloween very seriously!
Kim took it upon herself to organize a Halloween party for her daughter Mallory and her friends, so this afternoon 15 little monsters in different ages descended upon her to celebrate!
Ha ha, I'm not quite sure she realized what she was in for! Fortunately for Kim, four of us Mums stayed through the party to help, and to take photos, of course!

All the little monsters, some scarier than others!

I was the only Mum that was dressed up..! :)

Kim had decorated the house really nicely and had the whole party very well organized. The kids did all sorts of games - somehow I managed to miss the first game, apple bobbing, so no photos of that. But here they are "mummy wrapping":

We had some spooky food, mummy-wrapped-sausages, blood punch and pumpkin woopie pies. Mmm! The kids also got to decorate a muffin each, with some Halloween themed icing and sprinkles:

After having played pass-the-apple (under your chin!), Kim had the kids team work to make a big spider web, quite a popular activity that kept them busy for a while:

It was such a great afternoon, huge effort made Kim, thank you!
She had thought of everything, when we left the kids got ready-made treat bags, so no need to go out trick-or-treating this year either! Yay..!

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