Thursday, 1 November 2012

A family affair?

Recently I managed Nathan to go see our CrossFit coach Mike for a consultation (a must before you can train at the Box), so that if he wanted to, he could come along to some CrossFit sessions.
Even though he might not be keen right now while he is in the final stages of the training for the Lake Taupo race, it would be good to add some strength training to his exercise routine afterwards - to weigh up all the riding.

This morning he rode his mountain bike down there and did his consultation before class, and then stayed for the morning session.
Today we did two things, first a "mind exercise" as I call them, where you have a certain time and/or a certain amount of tries to figure out your maximum; in this case how much you could lift in a clean press. Then a 2k row, nothing to think about there - just keep rowing!

It would be nice to have something else we could do together, because to be honest, when Nathan rides with me it's more of a recovery ride than anything else. At least in the Box, we will be exercising to our own limits and goals.
I hope he decides to give it a proper go after Taupo!

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