Sunday, 18 November 2012


Yes, we are in Taupo. After a rather longish trip. It's a bit of a hike to get here now after RBA cancelled their direct flights a while back.
First we had to go to Melbourne where we spent a few hours in the airport hotel. Then we had to fly from there to Auckland the next morning. It was rather chilly!

Well I really didn't mind as we got to fly Emirates and their super nice A380 for the first time. I easily could've spent twice or three times as long on that aircraft, even though we were in economy.

The kids got both toys, gifts, souvenirs and a special kids meal; and we all had individual screens full of choice for different movies, tv and games. Very cool.
I left the kids' flight logs to be sent out to the cockpit, and before I knew it the kids got summoned by the pilots! Ha ha, they wanted to meet this well travelled kids!
So, we got to see the flight deck too, which was really cool.

The killer part of this trip has always been the last drive from Auckland to Taupo though, three very, very long hours...
And here it's really cold too, brrrrrr!

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