Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bargain queen!

This weekend it'll be all about the bike race. Tomorrow Friday we have to sort out the last tweaks with the bikes, appropriate clothing, planning nutrition etc.
We also need to get into town and pick up the race kits, and we are also going to check out the 'Bike Fest' going on in there by then.

Saturday the big boys are racing in the morning, and the kids and I are doing our 5k in the afternoon. After everybody's done there will be the prize giving to attend, and the celebratory (hopefully!) dinner in the evening.
The rest of the Turners arrive tonight and are staying until Monday, so it'll be busy!

So, I've been trying to get all the shopping done these first few days. Today was like Christmas because Farmers had a big 'Summer Sale' day, and there was a lot of offers going on - f.e half price kids clothing and 30% off all lingerie etc.
So, I checked off most things on my list, and maybe just a little bit more as well... This is how you save over $300..!

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