Monday, 5 November 2012

New fishy favourite

The kids finish school earlier on Fridays, and our routine has always been to pick them up and then go out for a family lunch together. Usually we have been doing sushi, or roti - our two main regulars.
As of last week though, all establishments in Brunei have been ordered to stay shut on Fridays between 11.45-2pm, in respect of prayer time. For us that means: no more going out for Friday lunches, boo.

Instead we took the kids out for a nice dinner Friday night, we went back to Fish & Co. We've only been once before, and the kids didn't come along last time, so we thought it could be nice. They were rather hesitant to going to a new place - but got won over straight away when they got some fancy hats, and colouring-in material!

They did like the food too, which of course was great!

I had a huge "frosted" juice, and I mean HUGE! Really yummy, I'll have that again!

Food was really nice, although next time I think I'm going to try something else than their 'fish and chips'-combos. They actually have quite a big menu.
The kids now insist we go there every Friday! Ha ha! Yeah, we'll see! Nice anyway to have another favourite to add to the list.

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