Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fish & Co

The other day we tried a newly opened restaurant in the Citi Square by the airport - the Fish & Co. It's actually a chain that already is established in many countries around the region like Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia just to mention a few.
Since last month, Brunei now has it's very own outlet!

We had heard mixed reviews about this restaurant, but mostly good, so we decided to give it a go for lunch. The menu was rather extensive with lots of different seafood cooked in many different ways, but we all got hooked by their page of international fish & chips choices!

Nikki went for the NY style (stuffed with parmesan cheese), Liam the Swiss version (stuffed with gruyere cheese) and Caitlin chose the Italian fish & chips (stuffed with mozzarella cheese and chili flakes and served with tomato sauce).

Nathan and I decided to try the Danish fish & chips (stuffed with mozzarella cheese), would be rude not to! :)

It was all very, very yummy and very fresh. But bit on the pricier side we thought... at least for being Brunei.
The portions were humongous, two people could have shared one and still been full! I would've preferred a smaller portion and paying a bit less!

But, we will be back, for sure. It was a surprisingly pleasant restaurant experience, great to have another nice place to go for lunch.

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