Wednesday, 13 June 2012


When I was an air hostess I used to do regular First Aid and CPR courses as part of my training. As Cabin Crew, we always needed to be up to date and have all the medical routines fresh in our head to be able to help if something happened on board.
I was amazed to realize yesterday how much was still there in my head! Even though it's been nearly 10 years since I last flew!

Yesterday I took part in a CPR training course here in Brunei, together with a big group of fellow Zumba Instructors. It was at the 'National Resuscitation Center', organized for us by the Ministery of Health, and it was a very informative and educational morning.

Like with everything else, quite a bit had changed since my last First Aid and CPR courses back in the day. We learned, amongst other things, that the procedure you follow nowadays, is called 'DR CAB':
D anger
R esponse
C ompressions
A irways
B reathe

It feels good to be up to date on these skills. I wish everybody would take the time to take one of these courses, it's important knowledge to have!

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Jason said...

The European thing these days is no breaths just compressions. Doesn't seem to have crossed the isthmus yet.