Thursday, 28 June 2012

NZ lunch

It was my turn to host the Craft Club on Tuesday, and even though we are now somewhat even more a decimated group wit Kim already gone to Canada for the summer - the pressure is still on.
There was only four of us on Tuesday (well, seven including the kids and Nathan), and I convinced Nikki to show me her version of 'Bacon & Egg Pie'.
It was so yum!

She also made us a Pavlova for dessert. It looked fantastic coming out of the oven!

Then it turned out, we had a bit of a wax-paper issue... and it was near to impossible to get it off the paper!

Unfortunately it crumbled completely in our rescue process... But, it didn't really matter for the end result - we had enough cream to cover all the mess up, and then Caitlin decorated it with golden kiwi fruit!

Still tasted exactly as it should! A lovely NZ lunch!

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