Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Week 1

Since school is still on for our kids, plus their other normal activities; Zumba, Hash, CrossFit and stuff is still on for me, and work for Nathan - Nikki and the White kids have kind of just been tagging along for the time being.
They've already been here a whole week though, time flies!

They've been looking around a bit in the shops, Nikki came to Zumba and we also had our nails done for the Summer Ball on Saturday, the kids stayed at school for the day last Friday to watch the Assembly and take part of the rest of the lessons. Also during the weekend, we had some birthday parties, dancing and time at the Yacht Club.
We've been having most of our lunches out, they've already been introduced to both Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Indian food!

Tonight Grandma arrived and next we're waiting for Granddad's arrival on Friday, and then... I guess it'll be FULL ON!

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