Friday, 8 June 2012

Power shopping champs

Nicole and I went to Singapore yesterday for a spot of shopping.
The day trips are not as good as they used to be, since they've delayed the departure time out of here so you don't land until about just after 11.00 and don't reach shops until midday. (Before you would have hit Orchard Road already by 10.30!) I've been known to feel a bit stressed before trying to fit it all in in one day...

But, yesterday was a different story. We only had very few things we really needed to do, so no stress involved. We took our time, knew our itinerary and made sure we had plenty of coffee to fuel our continuous shopping throughout the afternoon!
We had such a lovely day and luckily, we had brought an empty suitcase just in case. We both ended up with far too many shopping bags of course so the suitcase was full on the way back! My loot included, amongst other things, 3 pairs of shorts, 3 t-shirts/tops, 3 belts (see a pattern?), a skirt and 2 outfits each for the kids from the lovely CottonOn.

Finally we concluded our day with meeting up with the Roses at the airport for a quick dinner before it was time to fly back home again.
It was Luca's 1st birthday yesterday (how time flies!), so he got some big birthday smootchies from his Simpang Aunties!

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