Friday, 15 June 2012

Early practice

I wasn't quite prepared that my CPR skills would be put to a test already a few days after the course - but today during Zumba class, one of the participants fainted!

Her friend caught her when she started going down, and I was right there helping her to lie her down. I was about to start checking for vital signs but luckily the girl came around again nearly straight away. As usual when these things happens it feels like it's all in slow-motion, and she sure had time to give me a fright!

It was probably due to no breakfast, not much water and over-exhausting herself. Luckily it ended happily this time and wasn't a too serious situation after all. But it sure gave me food for thought on how sharp you need to be in these kind of situations - and how glad I am that I'm keeping my First Aid training and skills up to date!

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