Friday, 29 June 2012


The number one question when people find out that Nathans family lived in Brunei before (his parents were here with RBA 1988-1998, and Nikki was here 3 1/2 years during that period teaching at ISB) is - "Has it changed much?" Always pronounced with a very suspicious undertone, like no one can actually believe that anything here would have changed in the last 10-15 years! :)

Nikki says it's a weird feeling being here because everything looks and feels so familiar, but still she is totally lost! So many new buildings and even whole new areas (new and fancy, compared to when they were here) restaurants, malls and shops and above all - new roads!
Back then there were no motorways, no under- or overpasses, no roundabouts, no traffic lights, no big two-lane streets etc; the ease with which we drive around now has really impressed them.

Well, the "improving" is sure testing my patience at the moment, along our road - Jalan Muara. They have been working on widening it for months and months and months, but all they've accomplished so far, is more confusion and more road blockage..!
This is how one part is looking at the moment:

It's quite exciting every day to see which part of it we get to drive on today! They keep covering different parts of it with tarmac over and over again, not sure why it's taking them so long. In the meantime, it's a nightmare trying to get home this way, especially in the busy hours of the day. I sure hope we will notice the improvement once it's done. *Sigh*

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