Friday, 29 June 2012

Into the Harry Potter universe

Nathan and I spend a month down in Tunisia when he was on a wet lease from Sterling back in the day. I had brought the whole Harry Potter series along and read the books on the beach, one after the other. Amazingly captivating stories, as exciting to read for adults as they are for children!

I made a point in buying them all in the same design, not only because I wanted them to look nice on our bookshelf. I didn't buy the ones that had "adult" covers because I wanted them to look "kid friendly", for our future children when they would grow old enough to start reading them.

Well, we have now, 11 years later, actually reached that point in time..!
The kids both have found a love for reading and are reading themselves before bedtime every night. They also bring their books in the car every morning when I take them to school, and read all the way there. It's truly wonderful. Especially since I've always loved reading and think it's a great pass-time.

Liam came here having read the first HP book, so he sunk his teeth into number two; and Lucas then thought he might be ready to start the HP saga as well.
He was a bit worried they would be scary books, but now after having read the first two chapters in the first book - he's well and truly hooked!

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