Sunday, 17 June 2012

Crazy busy June

This weekend have been one of those June-weekends that occur every year, it's always the same. November and June are the busiest months in the bubble, people try to fit everything in before the go away, or before they leave for good.

This weekend, apart from the normal stuff, I had a 'Ladies Lunch' on Friday, followed by a Birthday party/House Warming that we all attended in the afternoon. Saturday Linnea had another birthday party in the morning, we all had a family BBQ in the afternoon and then Nathan and I went to a Farewell Party in the evening.
Today we chilled a bit in the morning, but then it was Kids Hash, time to gear up and hit the jungle.

Tomorrow the family from Aberdeen arrives, and they are here until we leave Brunei for the summer, so busy, busy, busy!

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