Tuesday, 19 June 2012

They are here!

Nathan was operating the Singapore flight that our visitors came in on yesterday. They arrived in Brunei about midnight after a very long trip (from Aberdeen), and went to bed pretty much straight away after a quick snack.

This morning, certain little people in the house were all awake at 05.00 am (...) and were squealing with delight of seeing each other again (after three years), so at about 05.45 the rest of us gave up and got up too..!

So before normal getting-up time, we were all in full swing opening presents and I was on my second cup of coffee!
Linnea and Lucas had picked out presents for their cousins, and Linnea had helped me wrapped them and write some letters to put on their beds for their arrival:

We all also received some wonderful gifts from Scotland. Linnea got a Loch Nessie necklace, some local sweets, a London 2012 Olympic pen, a beautiful dress, a Scotland t-shirt, a Highland Cow bookmark and a Matryoshka doll from Russia.

Lucas got the same pen and sweeties, a Nessie bookmark, a Scotland t-shirt, an airplane book, a Star Wars t-shirt and a book about the history of Scotland that Liam had picked for him. :)

Nathan got a funky Scottish bagpiper, that quickly found his place at the bar!

And I got a cute wallet from Ness, a necklace made out of Scottish Heather from Heathergems and... NZ Pineapple Lumps!

I also "got" a big stack of Zumba wear I had ordered from the UK Zumba shop AND a pretty parcel from Harrods, with some Zumba clothes from their exclusive Harrods Zumba Wear collection:

It felt like Christmas! :)

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