Monday, 25 June 2012

Tyre update

I took my tyre to the tyre-fixing-people today, showed them my problem and had to try really hard to hold back a giggle when the man seriously said "Hmmm, yes, you got nailed"...
Well, it took all of about 7 minutes for them to fix the tyre:

... and then even less than that to change my spare to the fixed one, and stow away the spare again!
It was like a scene out of 'Cars', the only thing missing was Luigi calling "Pit stop!".

And guess my surprise afterwards, when the very kind mechanic who didn't speak english very well held up three fingers when I asked how much it was - and I tried to give the cashier $30 (well, I had no clue and that seamed reasonable to me!). She giggled and said "No, no ma-am, only $3"!
THREE dollars to get your tyre fixed and changed - what a bargain!!

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