Sunday, 25 November 2012

Chess champ

The other day at the playground some bigger kids took Linnea and Lucas under their wing and they had a great time playing together for quite a while. They played hide and seek with them for ages, and then they moved on to the big sized chess game and taught Lucas how to play.
He got all keen, so when we got home we had to download some chess apps for the iPads so he could keep practising and playing. He's done nothing else since!

So now every time we've been back to the playground he's been looking for challengers! The other day he played with this girl, he lost, but happily shook her hand and said 'Thank you for the game'. Good man.

Then he took on Mummy. He's got a long way to go with the thinking ahead, but it's all about keeping practicing I guess. Since he seems pretty keen on that, he might turn into a great chess player one day!

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