Sunday, 25 November 2012

Late night shopping

Will went up to Auckland on Thursday to pick up the rest of the Turner family. They landed about 5.30pm and after a quick bite to eat outside the airport they drove straight down here.
As I mentioned in this post, Farmers had a club card day on Thursday, and they were open until midnight. Will came back with Tash and the kids at about 10.20pm and I kid you not,10.50pm we walked in through the doors at Farmers!

Ha ha, the same girls that had served me (many times...) earlier in the day were still there, bless them, and we had a good laugh together about how dedicated shoppers we were!
I guess I will have to bring them in a Christmas card or something before I go, I feel like I know them so well by now! :D
(And yes, Tash managed to fill a whole, pull-able, shopping basket in just that hour..! Good girl!)

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