Sunday, 4 November 2012

Zumba Fitness Party in Pink™

Today Brunei saw the biggest ZUMBA® Fitness Charity event so far -  a 3 hour long Party in Pink™ ZUMBA® Fitness-Party!

A Party in Pink™ is a special charity event open to the public, to raise funds and awareness to help end breast cancer. This time of the year hundreds and hundreds of these events are organized by ZUMBA® Fitness Instructors worldwide:

A lot of work had gone into making this a successful event and it all culminated this morning in a huge pink sea of people, dancing the morning away to awesome ZUMBA® Fitness beats! There had been over 1000 tickets sold for this event here in Brunei - over ONE THOUSAND! Very impressive! (Don't forget, we are a small country with a population of just over 400 000.)

Here's Susan and I before it all kicked off, I had added some extra pink touches! :)

Us instructors and other helpers met at the National Indoor Stadium bright and early, to welcome all the participants, the doors opened already at 6.30 for the 8am event!
Here's the entrance area, lots of people were ready to check tickets, hand out pink ribbons, free water and goodie bags:

I was put on ushering duty, and "shoe-police" to make sure everybody had proper foot attire for exercise. But mostly we had fun taking pictures..!

Since we were anticipating so many people, there was two "guards" placed at the entrance. Big, muscly guys - but look, they had a soft heart and let us decorate them both with ZUMBA® wear, and pink ribbons!

One last pose before we got started! (And I got to ditch the wig and the tutu..! :) )

I don't think all the 1000 ticket holders actually showed up (...) but there was definitely enough people in the Stadium to create a great ZUMBA® Party atmosphere! A massive pink sea of ZUMBA® Fitness lovers! It was a 3 hour non stop event, all us instructors took turns in leading tracks so there was quite a broad mix of styles to suit everyone's liking!

When we weren't leading some were shadowing or team teaching on stage. Some were up in different other areas in the Stadium doing ZUMBA® Fitness - there was just moving and shaking going on everywhere in the arena, high and low!

Almost everybody was wearing the 'Party in Pink™' t-shirts, or at least something pink. Some people, like my friend Peggy, had gone to great lengths with the pink theme..:

During Susan's 'Opa Gangnam Style' track, some kids got invited up on stage, and they were so cool, and sooo good!

And here... we have me! I'm in full action, during my second set of songs. A bit blurry, but you get the picture!

Even at the end of the 3 hours, there was still a pretty big group of people going steady at it in the Stadium. Kudos to those who kept it up for the whole Zumbathon®!

Group photo of the team, after finished event:

What a great morning! What a great event!
ZUMBA® Fitness in Brunei rocks!!

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