Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Timeless Swedish fashion

To the left you see me, and to the right you see Linnea... Yes, it's the same outfit.
And actually - it's my Mum's!

Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of when my mother did wear it, but she thinks it was also at the last day of her first year of school - same occasion as me. So we would both have been 7-8 years old too.

I brought this back from Sweden this year, and it's been hanging in our bedroom for the last few months, just waiting for International Day.
Unfortunately I have had no success so far trying to find out where in Sweden it stems from. I'll keep trying though, because I really want to know. It's such a beautiful, elaborately decorated outfit - the dress is linen and it has a woven apron, embroidered pouch plus a little "hat" and a shawl.

It made my heart all warm seeing my daughter in this dress today. I'm so grateful to my Mum for saving it all these years!

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