Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas on a Great Street

Yesterday it was time for Anna and I to do our yearly Christmas shopping trip to... IKEA!
Well, yeah, we went to Singapore and browsed Orchard Road etc, but the main reason for going over this time each year is to get goodies and decorations from IKEA.

A couple of years ago we were far too late, going the first week of December, and there was nothing left in the store. So when we had the choice between going after I get back from NZ or going yesterday, we decided to squeeze that too into an otherwise super busy week..!

We didn't go much off our planned itinerary yesterday, at all. It was a good day, and we did manage to get most things we were after. We also did have ample time in the end at IKEA to really enjoy and have a good look, which is always a bonus. But still, nowadays we always leave Singapore after the day-trips feeling a bit like we missed so much.
Since the morning flight was re-timed, we get in so late there just isn't time to leisurely browse, or sit down and enjoy a Starbucks coffee - it's all go-go-go all day, and you can maybe grab a take-away latte, if you're lucky! Next time - we are definitely doing it over TWO days!

A great day though, all in the Christmas spirit with Christmas music playing in every shop and the long of Orchard Road decorated already in this year's theme of "Christmas on a Great Street".
They turn on their lights display on the 17th and I'm really hoping I'll be able to take the kids back here in the December holidays for a bit of Christmas feel, it's been 5 years since we last saw the lovely Christmas displays.

Anna and I started at H&M:

Then moved up Orchard Road and covered Wisma Atria, Takashimaya and Wheelock Place - Anna wanted to have lunch at 'Skinny Pizza' (again..!), and why not, it is super yummy!

Then we attacked the big ION Orchard before heading out to Parkway Parade to do some very important Smiggle-shopping, and finally to IKEA.
Misuzu was kind enough to come out to IKEA just to see us briefly, and it was so nice to get to see her and give the boys some cuddles

As always, we arrived at the airport with our overfull big blue bags, and everything else, thinking "Is all this ever going to fit in the suitcases...?" but yet again, we managed! When we checked in and weighed the bags, the RBA Ground Staff smiled at us and said: - "You ladies are such pros!"
Anna's bag was 29,6 kg and mine 28,4 kg - right on the ball! :D

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eastcoastmom said...

Perfekt vikt på väskorna! Kul att kunna jet-off och shoppa över dan, kommer ihåg att vi var iväg nångång till Tyskland när vi bodde i Prag.