Sunday, 25 November 2012

Four hours forty one minutes

It was a great day for the 'Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge' yesterday. A little bit chilly in the morning but then mostly a glorious, sunny day.
The group Will and Nathan were scheduled to start at 7.25, so there was ample time in the morning to get up and get ready, have a sturdy breakfast and get all their kit together.

Off they went, warm-up ride into town.

Parts of the support crew. Will's Dad and his wife came over from Napier, and his sister with family plus Will's Aunt had driven from Rotoroua, all to be a part of the day too:

As always, everything was perfectly organized and the start ran smoothly, group by group. Over 8000 cyclists had signed up for this years race, in 12 different categories.

The boys passing the start line:

We had got a good place at the finish line in plenty of time, and were there for about 40 minutes waiting, although we knew the boys would probably not be there just yet. But it's all about placing yourself to get the good photos!
Will wanted to get under 5 hours, and Nathan wanted to beat his best time of 4h45min, so they were stoked when they crossed the finish line in 4h41min!
Unfortunately they came by us probably the only moment none of us paid attention, so we almost missed them! Didn't have time for the big cheer we had prepared, or for the good photos - it turned into more of just a surprised and panicky "Woah, woah, woah, there they are!!!" and just these few snaps of Nathan's back...

Good job guys! We're very proud of you!

Here's a shot just for you Scotty!

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