Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The block Christmas Party

Every year all the residents on the street where Grandma and Granddad live get together for a bit of a Christmas party. We have never been before, the closest was one year we left the day before the party. Something that was really disappointing because I really wanted to see the lawn mover race!

This year we managed to time it right, sort of, not really a kid friendly kind of party... and it was also the Turners last night.
So we compromised and went down to the tennis court for the afternoon fun, but then went back home to have dinner by ourselves.

There was a serious (...) tennis competition going on, and even Will and Nathan got in on the action, Will in grey and Nathan in yellow:

I was happy, I had Swedish Kopparberg Cider!

And look - this year's winners of the tennis trophy, Will and Bruce Davies!

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