Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Founders Day 2012

One of the highlights of the hashing year sure is the Founders Day in November each year - the hash where we celebrate the year that was and change our Hash Committee.

Yesterday was my 5th Founders Day, you can see the previous ones here: 'Hashing in the year 2100', 'Mardi Gras Hash', 'Wild Wild West Hash' and 'Walk the Hash'.
This years theme was 'Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales' and there was a wide array of costumes at the Yacht Club where we were celebrating.

Melissa was Wilma Flintstone, I was The Little Mermaid and Anna was Ariel:

The Ba Ba Black Sheep, a Blind Mouse and Pochahontas:

My favourite of the night, a Ladybug:

A couple of Robin Hoods:

And one of the many Little Red Riding Hoods:

A bit of acting going on, with another of the Little Red Riding Hoods, Grandma and the Wolf:

More acting, Snow White and the Evil Witch:

Another Evil Witch, and the 'Seven Dwarfs of Menopause'..:

Cinderella... Apparently this is how she looks in the Czech version..! :)

Speedy Gonzales and a couple of Pochahontas girls:

The current GM and JMs, as the Three Blind Mice:

Quite a few awards were handed out, as usual, as we did some reminiscing over the hashes of the past year. Anna won an award (her own mini-horn!) for being Front Horn the most times this year (and every year I would guess!):

And I won an award again too! Together with my co-hares, we got an award for the "Hardest (on your
feet) run"! It was the hash we had to change last minute to a pure road run, because the bulldozers had gotten to our hash site before us and there was no jungle left at our site all of a sudden...

The outgoing committee...

... and the committee for 2013!

Yes, you spotted correctly - that's Anna and me joining in, in the upper left corner.
We decided it was about time we rejoined the Hash Committee this year. I've already been the Word Bird, and Anna has done Hash Shop and Hash Water. So this year we decided to take up not just any old position... -

... no, we are actually THE NEW H3 JMs!
We are going to rule the roost from now on, ha ha! It'll be great fun!

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