Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Muddy waters

I'm feeling very good after having laid another successful hash today!
As I wrote a while back, we had to regroup and do it a bit differently than first planned, since most of the jungle where we wanted to lay our trail, was no more.

So, we planned a road run along the roads where I usually take the dogs and go running. It took us nearly two hours in the scorching sun this afternoon to lay it, since we had to secure every piece of paper with stones (it's rather different on the road than in the jungle where you just drop the paper as you go) and it was close to 6k long.

We had told the hens to wear running shoes, but had planned to include a short water crossing after our last rekkie. On Sunday that crossing was clear and shallow - today (after last nights heavy rain) not so much so... it had turned muddy and deep! So change of plan, again!
We had to make it slightly longer, but no one seemed to mind the "long" run - quite the opposite, everybody had just nice things to say about the run! *Pat on the back* for us!

My fellow hare Nicki managed to fall over though when her feet got stuck in the mud... bless her! She then had to walk all along the main road back home, looking like this:

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