Thursday, 2 February 2012

A 1948 Memento

We are getting closer and closer to the 2012 London Olympics, something that is causing a buzz even way out here in South-East Asia!

The other day both my boys had a near encounter with a very special memento from the last time London hosted the Olympic Games - a 1948 Olympic Torch!
The relay back then was called a "Relay of Peace" and started from Greece, and went through Italy, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Belgium on it's way to England - quite a wide scope through Europe.

This time around, the 2012 Olympic Torch will cover only the UK in a 70-day extravaganza, with over 8,000 torchbearers carrying the Olympic flame around the country.

I'm not sure how or why this important memorabilia was at JIS on Wednesday, I just got this photo sent to me by a friend (thank you Maria!):

I'm even less sure about why it also later that day came made an appearance at the Men's Hash..! By hey, quite cool that Nathan got to hold it too on the same day!

I found this interesting article though on the BBC webpage, where you can read more about the Olympic Torch and it's history.


eastcoastmom said...

Hej, ville bara berätta att din blog finns med på min länklista över utlandsbloggar!

CamillaL said...

Jag vill gärna veta om du rekommenderar en resa till Brunei när man ändå är ett år i Singapore? Känns som om man kan kombinera Kuta Kinabalu med Brunei, men varför?