Friday, 24 February 2012

Sport Relief 2012

Today it was time for a special event at school, the Sport Relief Mile Run 2012. The kids could choose themselves if they wanted to take part or not, it was all done for the Pusat Ehsan Charity here in Brunei.
Lucas was more than happy to run, since it wasn't a race - no winners or loosers... Linnea wasn't too keen but in hindsight knowing that she actually wouldn't have to run the full mile, she should've. She would've like it too. Ah well.

First some words from the Head of Junior School, and also from the JIS Principal:

Warm-up was done by some fitness instructors from a local gym. Lucas is in front of the lady in purple, in his yellow shirt and beige cap:

Quite a few parents were taking part too together with their kids. I made Nathan run with Lucas..!

The route:

Rearing to go! Junior School ready:

And they are off!

It was a bit crowded, so it was a slow start for some, which was ok since it wasn't a race but a fun run.

There they go!

Lucas and Nathan did the orange route, twice. (Still not quite a mile, but don't tell him that!) They were on fire! Here they come after the first lap:

Here they are second time around, time to finally pass that finish line!

It was SO hot!

After all that running, it was time for a well deserved soft ice:

Also they had the usual food stalls with pizza, ice cream, drinks and hotdogs; and Beenal was there selling gorgeous cupcakes:

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