Thursday, 23 February 2012

A little princess!

Even though I'm not a huge royalist, I do enjoy following the life of our young Swedish Royals; and lately I've been waiting, as many others, to hear the news about the first Royal baby of our Crown Princess and her Prince Daniel.
So, early this morning a little Princess was born!

I can't help but wonder if being who they are, they will manage to get the peace and quiet to enjoy those first very special days as a new family?

That time in the hospital when you slowly start to understand that life will never be the same. When the big love starts flowing over you and you all of a sudden realize how vulnerable you've now become, forever.
That time when you can't stop touching the soft cheeks, can't stop looking at that sweet little face and into those eyes that already seem so wise and full of knowledge.
That smell of... baby body, that smell that is so special and can't be described.

I hope they are enjoying all this right now!
And maybe also some 'Prinsesstårta'! :)

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