Sunday, 14 October 2012

Football Funday... - Fish?

The only downside to today was that in doing the bike event this morning, we missed out on all Lucas' games at the yearly 'Football Funday' at JIS... Boo.
We seriously didn't think the ride was going to take that long, and we should probably not have gone home to offload the bikes first but gone straight to JIS... Hindsight is a wonderful thing, right?

We were so lucky that we had friends who took on the kids last night for sleepovers, and brought them to the 'Football Funday' for us this morning. So at least they didn't miss out on their fun because of our conflicting schedules.
Lucas did have a fun morning, even though his team didn't advance from the group play. He told us their team play wasn't as good as when they were down in Panaga earlier this year.
Linnea had been hanging around the Fun Zone and the stalls in the gym. She had spent all her pocket money by the time we arrived, but hey, it's only 'Football Funday' once a year!

The kids had also scored some fish! Yes... aren't we lucky? :/ Turned out the fish were prices in one of the games. You kind of have to ask - why fish? I'm sure most parents wouldn't be all that thrilled about taking home alive fish..?

Well actually, considering the theme for the big birthday bash coming up - I didn't mind! So we went straight to the pet shop on the way home and got a tiny little fish tank and some fish food. Now we're all set, and the kids are quite excited about our new family additions!

Linnea created a beautiful work of art, to go with it. It says "Memoa" (=Nemo), Brown and Blak (=Black). I think we might have to rename them to something a little bit more imaginative in the morning...

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