Monday, 15 October 2012

The Princess and the White Bear King

On Friday it was Lucas' class turn to do their yearly Assembly. As it's 'Book Week' next week they had decided to do something in that theme, and they acted out the story from the book "The Princess and the White Bear King" by the visiting author Tanya Batt.

They did such a great job!
You can really notice that they are growing up and maturing, they all knew their lines and they were speaking up beautifully. There was no fooling around or being silly, they performed really well - and, it is a nice story too.

Here's the Prince, before it all started. He was just a little bit excited, and he had thoroughly throughout the week planned his costume and practised his lines. He did a lovely job, we were very proud of him. Here follows a few scenes from the play/story:

"In the North where the thickly needled pine forests are deep and dark and the snow falls bride white there once lived three Princesses, daughters of the King and Queen (...) One day as she was walking in the forest the youngest Princess came across a great bear with shaggy snow white pelt and huge paddle paws (...)".

 "(...) That night when the Princess heard the tread of the soft paddle paws and the sound of something soft and heavy falling to the ground, she lit the candle to see who was there. To her surprise it was no troll but a handsome young man (...)".

 Cue the giggles at the word 'handsome'..! :)

"(...) Three long years I've searched for you. My gift of cloth I've sold for you. A mountain of glass I climbed for you. Will you not wake and turn to me? (...)"

 "(...) And when her hot tears fell upon his face, the Prince opened his eyes and looked at her (...)"

 "(...) Whoever can clean my stained shirt is my true bride (...)"

"(...) and a wedding feast was held that lasted for seven days and seven nights the likes which had never been seen before and the Prince and the Princess lived happily ever after."

The handsome Prince Lucas and the beautiful Princess Natalia!

Great job Year 4T! We loved your Assembly!

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