Monday, 22 October 2012

Linnea's day

We got to celebrate Linnea together as a family in the morning only yesterday, since after that Nathan was going flying. Linnea also had dance practice in the late morning, but after that the day was all hers to plan!
So, after dancing...

... we went to Jungle Gym with Ben and Hannah, and once everybody had played themselves tired and hungry, we went upstairs to Capers for pizza, as per Linnea's wishes:

She then wanted to go to Dairy Queen for dessert, so - off we went to get ice cream!

Lastly, Ben and Hannah came home for a little play before it was finally time to wind this weekend down with a bit of sushi (it's nearly coming out of our ears by now...) and a movie. I had allowed both kids to wait up for Nathan, he was due back home around 8.30pm, but once he got here Linnea had already gone to sleep on the sofa, and Lucas was just about to on my lap..! Bless, it surely has been a big weekend!

Now we're looking forward to a week of school holidays, nice!

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