Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Beast of the South East 2012

This weekend the new Box where I'm starting CrossFit next week, hosted a CrossFit competition here in Brunei, called 'The Beast of the South East 2012'. It had participants from the Philippines and Malaysia as well as from Brunei; and a few of my friends were there all weekend as volunteers.

Due to bad logistical planning and too much happening at once, I unfortunately missed out on the first part of the competition, which was held down at Berakas Beach yesterday morning. My friend Maria was there to have a look - please visit her blog to see some of those happenings.

This morning I took the whole family and we went down to the Box for the second part of the competition. We didn't catch the first WOD but came right on time to see the athletes compete in the second and final WOD of the day, and the competition.

I really, really enjoyed watching not only the competition itself, and how amazing these guys (and girls!) were - but I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the comradery between them all. They gave each other constant encouragement and cheered each other on, no matter which team they represented. There was such a strong feeling of community, that I'm very excited to become a part of.

Of course it was also real fun to see them do the exact same skills as Anna, Maria and I in our little Thursday group has been working hard on, during our CrossFit sessions all throughout this year. But on a completely different level, of course..!
At least now we know what we're aiming for! :)

Some of the spectators were less interested by what was going on inside the Box..:

Here's the overall winner, Tanner Shuck, competing for the Philippines:

And this is the overall winning girl, Pey Huey from Malaysia:

I did like this girl's t-shirt though: "This beauty lifts like a beast!".

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