Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Animal spotting

It was a somewhat exciting day yesterday, first Nathan spotted this beautiful thing flying around by the tennis courts at school:

It looked like a cockatiel, very pretty. Soon all the kids had spotted it as well, but even though it started to attract a big crowd, it didn't seem scared.
Cockatiels are not at all native here on Borneo, they are parrots endemic only to Australia. This one must have been an escaped household pet.

Later on, at Hash, when walking along the trail we saw hens ahead waving, signalling and calling out something strange, that we normally don't hear at the hash:


And yes, when we got closer we could admire this thin, greenish snake who wasn't very shy either..! He kind of looked at us the way we looked at him, with curiousity! He didn't move at all, but we all did eventually after we'd had a good look.

Exciting day exotic animal spotting in the Abode!

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