Monday, 29 October 2012

T - 18 days

First day back to school today after the midterm break. A break that was very welcome for all of us I think, we all needed to slow down and just relax for a bit.
It's not too bad to be back at it again though, as you know I do like my routine - plus, it's now less than three weeks until we depart for New Zealand! I think we can handle that..! :)

Mind you, it's going to be three very busy weeks though!

There is the big dance concert on the 10th, with all that that involves. I'm taking part in a 3 hour (!) Zumbathon "Party-in-Pink" this Sunday at the Indoor Stadium, to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. There is a birthday party with a fancy dress theme coming up, for us adults, and Founders Day is happening soon at the Hash as well = more dressing up required (luckily I've got that one sorted already!). Next week it's International Week at school, with the big parade on the Friday so I have to figure out the costumes for the kids for that too..!
A Kids Halloween Party on Wednesday, a big Coffee Morning on Friday, again to raise funds for BCR; and then of course I've got the usual CrossFit, hashing and Zumba sessions penciled in plus some girlie lunches with friends. There is also my Zumbatomic Starz at school, who are due to perform at the Assembly in a few weeks time, we need to get cracking with the practise for that!
I also have a few before-holidays-appointments booked in to get "prettifyed" before we go, and hopefully I'll even be able to squeeze in a day in Singapore with Anna to go Christmas shopping too!

That's November in Brunei for you, and we are even only here for about half of it! :)

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