Monday, 29 October 2012

I'm getting married in the morning...

It's less than two weeks to go to the big concert and it's starting to get really intense. Next week there will be long practices nearly every day after school at Jerudong Park, the actual venue for the show; and today Linnea and her group had yet another photo shoot booked in, in their show costumes.
We could only do half the shoot today though. The jazz costumes weren't finished yet so we will have to come back another day to do that one.

Today they took the photo for their tap routine. They are dancing to "I'm getting married in the morning..." from 'My Fair Lady'!
They got their hair done again, and got some make-up on; and they were so cute in their wedding dresses, with a crown and a veil, white stockings, white gloves and little white bows on their shoes!

Here are some snaps from the shoot, unfortunately rather blurry and badly lit since I only had my iPhone, again...

I just love this photo! I'm not quite sure what she is telling him, but I like these relaxed behind-the-scenes shots a lot better than the posed ones!

And finally, one last photo with the proud Mums!


MrsC said...

How adorable!!! Kjempeskjoenne alle sammen! Ser det blir noen kjempetravle uker frem til dere drar til NZ. Denne tida paa aaret er helt galen her ogsa. Alle chrsitmas concert'sene og forestillinger og fester baade her og der. Skal dere feire jul paa NZ eller? Snakkes snart. Jeg har hatt tekno fri periode - ikke vaert pa fcbk engang paa over to mnd naa!!

MrsC said...

Ps. Oppdaga plutselig at jeg var out of space i bloggen. Signa opp for en gmail acc, men naa er avsenderen anderledes....:( Maa finne en maate aa slette den gmail acc paa. Har abonnert paa mere space anyway, saa maa betale for det. Abonnerer du pa mere space? Lurer paa om det finnes en annen metode som er gratis og som man ikke maa betale hver mnd for! Anyways, kyss og klem!