Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Book Week kick-off!

This morning the children of Junior School had their first encounter with their visiting author for the week, Ms Tanya Batt. A special Assembly was held at the Arts Center, and us parents were invited to take part too.
I was very excited, as you know, I take every opportunity to participate at all these happenings at school! Plus, the 'Book Week' authors usually are very animated and impress the kids so much, that it's nice to know what the kids are buzzing about when they come home from school; nice to have got to meet the author too.

Tanya Batt surely didn't disappoint!
She took the big stage and the big auditorium on, and spell-bound all the children within minutes. She told us two different stories, one traditional story and one of her own stories - and the kids got to participate and interact throughout the whole thing. They just loved it!

Such a quirky, cool lady! Here she is with my friend Isabel:

Book Week also kicked off with a themed dress-up day. The children were invited to come to school dressed as a favourite book character, in the themes of fantasy, stories and fairy tales.
Here's Linnea and her friend Mallory:

I'm sure it'll be a fantastic and exciting week ahead for the kids!

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