Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mirror, mirror...

The weather really hasn't been on my side lately, with lots of rain in the afternoons for nearly two weeks - hindering me from training for the 53k biking "Expedition" we're taking part in tomorrow. It's tricky as it is trying to fit in with Nathan's flying (and training!) schedule, but then having the weather to consider too - not easy.

Yesterday, finally, we managed to get out and do another just about 30k along the coast road. Just for me to get a bit more riding experience. (It's not the distance of the race that worries me you see, it's more the handling of the bike, and riding in a big group of people...)
Unfortunately, I wasn't all with it and wasn't getting the gears right at all! Here I was thinking I had finally sussed it all out last time, but apparently not really. Or do I just forget easily..?

Anyway, I now do have something that I think gives me a bit of an edge (although Nathan is convinced I'll get teased for it tomorrow..!) - a mirror!

Well, I don't care if I get teased! At least it makes me feel a little bit more safe, and I'm now aware of what's coming up from behind - and I like that. It's just a tiny one anyway, hardly noticeable at the end of the handle bar. (I did want a big one that would've stuck out a bit, ha ha, and double up as a kind of bicycle safety flag - but that's where Nathan drew the limit..!)

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