Monday, 5 May 2008

I've got the power

In some places here in Brunei, especially in compounds as ours, it's common to pay your electricity in advance.
You buy a scratch card that contains a number, you then sms that number together with your meter number to the Electricity Company and receive a code which you put into your meter - and woupti, you have more credits on your meter!

We have never let the meter go under 100 credits, but when we got back from Oz it was down to 77, and it was Sunday and the office was closed. Slight panic!
So all day yesterday we did our best to save electricity, so that it would last us through the night (we only run the ACs at night). It did, luckily, as you can see, we still had 26 units when I charged it up this morning. But it was a close call!

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